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DDE (Double Deposit Escrow) Service Provider List:

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Contact us only when you are ready to proceed DDE for your business with us. DON'T "MISUNDERESTIMATE" our poor web presence (An ex-president of the United States is our best English teacher). You probably can't prove you are more experienced and more successful in the business fields(buyer's market) we both engage. The DDE deposits of the both parties will tell. There are lots of useful and valuable information in the jungles we planted. Real valuable information is not for everyone, and it's not very easy to be accessed. You are on the internet is for hunting valuable information, not for wasting your time, or killing your life.

You don't have to be concerned about who we are, and we don't have to know who you are, your business record, and your historical sales achievements. DDE (Double Deposit Escrow) is the world’s most effective and secure way for business. It’s not a new concept. Serious business people and reputable companies have utilized it for over 200 years. Download the old version of our website and do your research, if you would stand on the same side with DDE and the world’s leading companies.



Industries of "Alien Puppy Tenders"  - What? Why? and How?

About we engage in 1 Aerospace & Defense 2 Air Transpiration Service 3 Entertainment & Recreation 4 Healthcare & Life Science 5 Education 6 Public Security and 7 Make New Zealand Police & Judge Clean & Legitimate

We do: searching, researching, publishing, bidding, directly/indirectly investing, Acquiring/Trading patents and technologies, manufacturing planning, supply chain control and management, outsourcing/Self R&Ding, for the industrial programs in the fields mentioned above.  Whatever missions you may want to get involved from landing-on-Mars, extending human lifespans, to "teaching for America", supporting military, we do.


Aerospace & Defense

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Air Transport Service

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Entertainment & Recreation

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Healthcare & Life Science

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Public Security

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Make New Zealand Police & Judge CLEAN ( New Zealand, the home of all kinds of thieves and corrupt no-ball government officials and Police)
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            Home page of the Dirty New Zealand Program:



If you or your organization engages in any industry listed on "Industries" Menu, you are at a right place. All programs we publish, all businesses we conduct, all people we meet, and all products and services we make and purchase belong to these business fields, and nowhere else.